Volunteerism & Civic Engagement

Upcoming Programs

Miners Lend A helping hand day of service

Miners Lend a Helping Hand is the perfect way for new students to get involved in service and jumpstart their involvement in Rolla. This service day allows experienced students to lead first year students on a service project in the Rolla area. The service day will go from 11am-4pm on August 17th. A catered lunch will be provided from 11am-12pm and the service project will be from 12pm-4pm. 

Current Students who would like to lead a group (this is a great opportunity to recruit new students to organizations you care about) can register here

Inccoming Students who would like to volunteer can register here.






Painting with mirror reflection
Girl painting floor at Kaliedoscope
Several people working
Working outside with trees
Shoveling dirt into wheelbarrow


  • Strengthen Community
    By being involved in programming and through using resources provided by this office, students at S&T will develop a stronger understanding of community, and how their actions impact their community on a personal, local, national and international level.
  • Build Bridges
    Through engaging with this office students will work with people, organizations, and communities that will challenge preconceived notions which will foster a greater a sense of understanding between different groups.
  • Empower Individuals
    Students who participate in activities and actively seek out relationships with community partners will learn skills that empower them to be effective change makers in communities after S&T.
  • Create Solutions
    Those who involve themselves with the Office of Volunteerism and Involvement will be prepared to identify and creatively solve problems that affect the greater community.


Community Partners

To effect positive change in the greater community and to teach students how to make impactful choices in their future it is important that connections are built in the Rolla community. Our community partners are a valuable asset to S&T, as they provide our students with the majority of the service opportunities that are participated in each year. Follow the Community Partners link here to learn more about those organizations that support service in the Rolla community.