New Student Organizations

Missouri S&T has over 220 Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) that contribute greatly to the campus community. Every RSO provides a unique opportunity for students to be engaged outside of the classroom and develop strong bonds with their peers. Student Involvement is always looking for students who are interested in expanding the diverse population of student organizations on campus. There is a four step process that students who seek RSO status must proceed through to gain the privileges of recognition.

Before starting the first step of the process, each potential organization needs to attend a Peer Involvement Advisor presentation called How to Start a Registered Student Organization.  Check for upcoming presentations on the Peer Involvement Advisor's MinerLink page.

Recognized Student Organization Requirements

In order to be considered and approved, there are several base requirements to becoming a Registered Student Organization:

  • It must contribute to the welfare or betterment of its members and the institution

  • It should have objectives that compliment the mission of the University

  • It must be devoid of activities that conflict with the primary purposes of the University

  • Ten current Missouri S&T students are required for a group to gain recognition; following the first year, five student members are required in order to maintain annual active RSO status

  • The group will need a faculty or staff member who is employed at least 75% FTE to serve as an advisor

  • The recognition process can take a semester or more to complete, this is based on your ability to communicate and provide paperwork in a timely manner

  • You must maintain contact with Student Involvement throughout the recognition process

  • It is suggested to recruit a wide range of students for your organization, avoid recruiting all upperclassmen so that your organization is sustainable long term

  • Is there a current RSO on campus with a mission or purpose that is very similar to the organization that you are proposing? If so, you are encouraged to consider options for involving your group with existing the RSO, in order to prevent duplication

Official recognition for a student organization is officially granted based on authorization from the Chancellor through the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and the Department of Student Involvement (University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations 250.010). A student organization in existence or being proposed must satisfy the following conditions for recognition:

  • A recognized organization cannot have any constitutional, ritualistic, or selective restriction which shall deny membership to any student for reason of his/her race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or status as a Vietnam era veteran. This policy shall not be interpreted in such a manner as to violate the legal rights of religious organizations or military organizations associated with the Armed Forces of the United States of America

  • A recognized student organization must abide by all applicable University policies and campus regulations; federal, state, and local laws

  • A new organization must have ten (10) full-time Missouri S&T students as active members before it will be recognized

  • A currently recognized student organization must maintain at least five (5) full-time Missouri S&T students as active members

  • Each officer of a recognized student organization must be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) class hours per semester; all officers must be in good academic standing with the University

  • A recognized student organization must maintain an advisor who is a full-time (75% FTE) faculty or staff member of Missouri S&T

  • A recognized student organization must annually update recognition forms and officer and membership rosters with Student Involvement within the first three weeks of the fall and spring semesters

A recognized student organization must maintain a current copy of their constitution with Student Involvement.  Amendments that change the objectives of the organization must be approved by the Student Organization Recognition Committee or its designee.  Other changes can be approved by Student Involvement staff.