Advisor Resources

The advisor plays an important role in the success of a student organization. Advisors serve to provide guidance, historical reference, and periodically challenge student leaders to stretch outside of the box. Advising can be a very rewarding experience if both parties set clear expectations for the other early on.


The Advisor Agreement is meant to help Advisors and RSO Student Leaders set those expectations. This is a required document for RSO annual compliance and should be filled out with the organizations's president and the Advisor.


The university requires every recognized student organization to maintain an advisor. An advisor may be a faculty or staff member who is at least .75 FTE. An advisor should complete the Advisor Consent Form and return it to Student Involvement in 218 Havener Center. This form will remain on file until the advisor decides to resign from the position.


When an advisor resigns, an Advisor Resignation Form should be completed and returned to Student Involvement in 218 Havener Center.

We are here to support advisors as well as student leaders. Please contact the department at any time for assistance.