Student Organization Posting Policy

Department of Student Life

(573) 341-6771


General Regulations

In order to use the privilege of posting promotional materials on campus, adherence to the following regulations is required:

Failure to comply with these regulations will be subject to appropriate action from the Department of Student Life.

Regulations for Flyers/Table Tents

Regulations for Electronic Posting

Regulations for Campus Chalking

  • Chalkings must also follow the regulations for Special Promotional Events (as outlined within the policy).
  • Chalkings are only allowed on horizontal, concrete surfaces.
  • Chalkings must occur in open areas, away from building entrances and not under balconies, awnings, overhangs, etc.
  • Chalking permits may only be granted for a period of 7 days and are subject to renewal.
  • The chalking organization must remove all chalkings within 2 school days of the expiration of the activity permit.
  • Chalkings must include organization identification.
  • Chalkings are only allowed on the two malls of campus.
  • Chalkings must be removed with water.

Regulations for Special Promotional Events

  • All special promotional events need approval from Student Life.
  • Organizations must have an Activity Permit on file with Student Life for the event, no later than 48 hours prior to the start setup for the event.

Tips for Posting at Missouri S&T

  • Please plan ahead.  
  • Use good judgment on the ending time for an activity, especially during the week.   If there is no scheduled ending time, then don't put one down.   Do not put a "?â€? or "whateverâ€?
  • Language referring to ‘open parties' and references to alcohol are not allowed.   Check with Student Activities before printing your flyer if you have questions.
  • The Student Union Board, 218 University Center West, has banner paper and


The following guidelines will be used when student organizations request permission to co-sponsor activities with non-university groups or put up promotional materials reflecting co-sponsorship. Restrictions apply to all businesses, including those that distribute/sell alcohol.

  • All co-sponsored activities must be the same type of activity normally sponsored by the student organization and not in conflict with the mission of the University.
  • Promotional materials should reflect the names of all the co-sponsors.  Student organizations have the option of listing all or none of the co-sponsors.
  • The corporate name, not the product name, must be used.
  • All other co-sponsors must be notified if the event is co-sponsored by an alcohol distributor and/or producer.
  • Student Activities staff approval is needed if large visual displays (suspended balloons, etc.) are to be used on Missouri S&T property.
  • Posters reflecting co-sponsorship may not be placed on departmental bulletin boards.  This would be considered advertising on campus.  However, such posters may be placed in mailboxes of fraternities, sororities, residence halls, and those places where student participants reside.  They may also be posted on one University Center West bulletin board, which is monitored by the staff in the Student Activities office, and in the library.
  • Corporations MAY NOT use student groups solely for advertising purposes.
  • Posters produced and/or supplied by the co-sponsor may not be posted on campus when the product is the most prominent feature of the poster.

Campus Bulletin Boards

Basic Engineering - ground & 1st floor, west end

Chemistry - 1st floor hall between east and west wings

Civil Engineering - outside 211 & entrance doors off Pine Street

Electrical Engineering - ground floor by G-15, outside G-1, 1st floor by 101, 2nd floor by 201

Engineering Management - 1st floor, contact secretary in 228

Engineering Research - 1st floor

Fulton - 1st floor entrance

Humanities/Social Sciences - ground floor, outside G-5, 1st & 2nd floors by elevator

Library - ground floor

Materials Research - 1st floor

Computer Science - ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor by elevator

McNutt - 3 offices on 1st floor, 3 offices on 2nd floor, contact secretaries in each office

Mechanical Engineering - 1st floor outside 125 shop, 2nd floor north end

Mechanical Engineering Annex - 1st & 2nd floors, main hallway

Parker - 1st floor entrance, contact admissions office

Physics - 1st & 2nd floors west end

University Center East - 2nd floor, wall in Miner Lounge

University Center West - downstairs hallway & outside, see Office Staff

Havener Center - see office staff