Alcoholic Beverages

Student Affairs/Office of the Vice-Chancellor

A.   POLICY - The use or possession of any alcoholic beverage is prohibited on all University property, except in the President's residence and the Chancellors' residences, and the sale, use or possession may, by appropriate University approval, be allowed in approved University Alumni Centers or Faculty Clubs, or other designated facilities, and for single events and reoccurring similar events in designated conference, meeting, or dining facilities provided by University food services, subject to all legal requirements.

B.   PROCEDURES - In accordance with the above policy, the following procedures shall be followed:

1. The President shall be the University's Managing Officer designated by the Board of Curators as the person responsible on behalf of the University for compliance with the state law.

2. That the Chancellor for each campus be delegated the authority for acting upon the requests to use alcoholic beverages on University property.

3. That all requests for use of alcoholic beverages on University property be submitted to the Chancellor or her/his designee at least seven (7) days prior to the date of the intended use.

4. That each written request submitted contain the following information:

a. The date and time of the activity.

b. The name of the group making the request and the general makeup of its activity.

c. The location of the activity.

d. The nature of the activity and the general type of the group to attend.

e. The name of the person exercising responsibility for the activity.

5.   Each Chancellor will designate a person who would be responsible on behalf of the campus for compliance with state law.

6.   Each premise, except for the President's residence and the Chancellors' residences, on the respective campuses which will serve alcoholic beverages, will need to be licensed.

7.   Any additional campus regulations shall be submitted to the President for approval prior to implementation by the campus.