One-Time Volunteer Events

Make an Impact in Your Community!

Many of our community partners put on events throughout the Phelps County area, and often need volunteers to help make their events successful!  These are one-time volunteer opportunities that may involve helping to set up for an event, sell concessions, advertise, or otherwise help the event be successful. 

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these events, please contact the community partner directly.




Current Volunteer Opportunities


Event:  Vintage Market for the Southern Cherokee Cultural Center 

Date: 4/3, 4/4, 4/6

Time: 9am-6pm

Location:  Rolla, MO 

About: The Vintage Market is a sale of donated items to benefit the Southern Cherokee Cultural Center. More than 500 Southern Cherokee live in and around Phelps County. They had to leave the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma shortly after the Civil War - or be killed. Sadly, when they arrived in Missouri, it was nearly as dangerous. It was a dark period in Missouri history and a long, complicated story. As a result of their struggles, they are behind the curve in education; their health is collectively poor; and most live at or below the poverty level - a condition not of their making. The Southern Cherokee Tribe, created a board of members (SCCC) whose main mission is to find a means to reach a solution for the issues that the majority of Tribal members face. 



    9 - 11 Set up tables 2 volunteer
    9 - 11 Load boxes 2 volunteer
    11 - 1 Unload boxes 4 volunteer
    1 - 3 Unpack boxes/ arrange items 2 - 6 volunteer
    3 - 5 Unpack boxes/ arrange items 2 - 6 volunteer
    5 - 7 Load furniture/ unload furniture 2 strong volunteers


    9 - 11 Unpack boxes/ arrange items 2 - 6 volunteers
    11 - 1 Unpack boxes/arrange items 2 - 6 volunteers
    1 - 3 Unpack boxes/arrange items 2 - 6 volunteers 
    3 - 5 Unpack boxes/arrange items 2 - 6volunteers


      4 - 6 pack up left overs / load truck/ take down tables / sweep up to 10 vols! 

Contact info: 

For more information or to sign up to volunteer, please contact  Lucy Sutcliff at   or at  573 465 1472 

 Organization Website: 



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