About OrgSync

OrgSync is the leading provider of organization management software for higher education institutions across the United States and Canada. The Company’s web-based software platform enables colleges and universities to track student involvement, communicate with students and staff, and manage the student organizations on campus. OrgSync offers a broad suite of more than 35 tools that help campus administrators streamline operations and create a paperless office by managing day-to-day processes online. Since its founding in 2007, OrgSync has partnered with more than 120 of the leading and most forward-thinking universities from across the country. For more information about OrgSync, please visit www.OrgSync.com.

Missouri S&T Student Involvement is now the third campus in the University of Missouri System to utilize this system. It’s going to revolutionize the way RSO leaders, advisors, and students interact with each other and the Department of Student Involvement. We are creating an online community for RSOs, and the S&T Community.


What does OrgSync provide for my RSO?  

  • Membership management tool allowing for organized rosters      
  • Intuitive website builder that automatically updates whenever you add/change info (ie. Rosters) 
  • Paperless university compliance process (all electronic forms)
  • Unlimited file storage accessible anywhere with internet connection (to assist with seamless transition of officers year to year)
  • Event advertising and planning tools
  • Assessment and survey tools to allow for strategic planning
  • A personalized e-portfolio for every S&T student to use for resume building and interviews
  • Co-curricular transcript identifying and describing your involvement in a thorough manner throughout your tenure at S&T
  • Ability to accept online payments, donations, and invoice members for dues
  • Online budget management system for on-campus accounts (paperless SAFB funding/budget request process, paperless reimbursement and approval requests to student life, access to balances online etc.)
  • Online Voting Options
  • Communication tools within OrgSync

How Do I Use OrgSync?

Check it Out

Organization leaders are encouraged to check out OrgSync at www.orgsync.com/videos where you will be able to see many of the resources that OrgSync has to offer.


OrgSync’s partnership with Student Involvement

Missouri University of Science & Technology has recently partnered with OrgSync, an online community management system that will be used to oversee and manage all the students and student organizations on campus. OrgSync offers online solutions that assist with campus communication, organization management, student involvement tracking, and event planning among others. The software will be made available to all students, student organizations, and campus administrators.

The purchase of OrgSync’s community management software will provide student leaders with a platform to govern and manage their organizations. The Company offers a robust suite of more than 35 tools that help student organizations to: store and share important documents, communicate with members, plan and publicize events, track service hours and meeting attendance, collect dues, and archive records. With OrgSync, each student is able to manage all of their organization memberships from a centralized location and generate verified records of their involvement with co-curricular transcripts.

OrgSync offers 24/7 customer support as well as on-site trainings and access to online resources, all of which will significantly help with implementing the software across campus.  Eric Fortenberry, founder and CEO of OrgSync said, “We look forward to providing Missouri University of Science & Technology with the necessary tools to enhance student life and improve the overall college experience.”



As a student you will see that your information is stored in OrgSync. Please note that this information is secure and protected by the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). No other student can access your information in OrgSync, nor can unauthorized staff or faculty. OrgSync Inc. is a FERPA compliant company. For more information on OrgSync Inc.'s FERPA compliance please visit www.orgsync.com/legal/ferpa. For more information on Missouri S&T's FERPA compliance please visit the Registrar's office or this site http://registrar.mst.edu/ferpa/.