Policies & Procedures

Missouri S&T Student Organization Policies

1.0            Missouri S&T Recognized Student Organizations

2.0            Student Organization Recognition

3.0            Process for Recognition of a Student Organization

4.0            Benefits of Recognition

5.0            Changes to Constitution/Bylaws-Reporting

6.0            Inactive Student Organizations

7.0            Re-applying for Recognition

8.0           Officer Responsibility, Membership Reports, Compliance

9.0           Scholastic Requirements

10.0         Student Disciplinary Probation

11.0         Organization Activities

12.0         Alcohol Policy for Student Organizations

13.0         Co-Sponsorships

14.0         Posting Policy for Student Organizations

15.0         Student Activity Fees/Organization Budgets

16.0         University Property

17.0         Hazing

18.0         Rules of Procedures in Student Organization Conduct Matters

19.0         Standard of Conduct for Student Organizations


Alcohol Policy

Alcohol Advertisement Policy

Alcohol Expectations & Guidelines

Mass E-Mail Policy

Officer Responsibility

Policies related to Fraternities & Sororities

Procedures for Posting Policy

UM Collected Rules & Regulations


1.0 Missouri S&T Student Organizations  

Student organizations are recognized groups of current Missouri S&T students; Missouri S&T faculty and staff may also be included in the organization’s membership.  Currently, over 200 student organizations reflect a variety of interests belonging to the over 8,000 students enrolled at Missouri S&T.  Student Organizations fall into the following categories: Academic Departmental, Honorary, Intercultural, Media & Publications, Programming, Governing, Recreation & Sports, Religious, Residence Hall Associations, Service, Social & Special Interest, Fraternities, Sororities, and Student Design. 


2.0 Student Organization Recognition  

Official recognition for a student organization is granted based on authorization from the Chancellor through the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and the Department of Student Life (CRR 250.010). A student organization in existence or being proposed must satisfy the following conditions for recognition: 

•         It must contribute to the welfare or betterment of its members and the institution.
•         It should have objectives that complement the mission of the University. 
•         It must be devoid of activities that conflict with the primary purposes of the University. 

  • A recognized organization cannot have any constitutional, ritualistic, or selective restriction which shall deny membership to any student for reason of his/her race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or status as a Vietnam era veteran. This policy shall not be interpreted in such a manner as to violate the legal rights of religious organizations or military organizations associated with the Armed Forces of the United States of America.  
  • A recognized student organization must abide by all applicable University policies and campus regulations; federal, state, and local laws.
  • A recognized student organization must maintain at least five (5) full-time Missouri S&T students as active members.
  • Each officer of a recognized student organization must be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) class hours per semester.
  • A recognized student organization must maintain an advisor who is a full-time (75% FTE) faculty or professional staff member of Missouri S&T.
  • A recognized student organization must register each semester with the Department of Student Life within the first three weeks of the fall and spring semester utilizing the appropriate registration resource (OrgSync).
  • A recognized student organization must maintain a current copy of their constitution with the Department of Student Life.  Amendments that change the objectives of the organization must be approved by the Student Organization Recognition Committee or its designee.  Other changes can be approved by the Department of Student Life staff.

3.0 Process for Recognition of a Student Organization:  

  • Initiate recognition procedures with the staff in the Department of Student Life.  Discussion will include questions on purpose of the organization, format of the constitution, required forms, membership requirements, and use of campus facilities prior to obtaining official recognition. 
  • Prepare a constitution in the recommended format (an outline is available).  The staff in the Department of Student Life will make a preliminary check of the constitution to see that it does not contain statements of conflict with University regulations. 
  • Secure the written consent of a faculty or staff member of the University to serve as an advisor to the organization. 
  • Have at least ten interested members. 
  • Elect officers and ratify constitution. 
  • Submit an electronic copy of the constitution to the Department of Student Life along with required forms for officers and membership.  The constitution will be forwarded to the Student Organization Recognition Committee of Student Council, who will review the constitution and either accept it or recommend changes.  The Student Organization Recognition Committee will then forward the document to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or designee to recommend approval. 
  • Official recognition is granted by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or designee. 
  • Organizations have the right to appeal the recommendation of the Student Organization Recognition Committee to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. 

*Student Organization Recognition Committee: 

This committee makes recommendations regarding the recognition of student organizations to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or designee.  The committee also reviews and makes recommendations concerning the Student Organization Policies and Procedures. 

The committee is appointed by the Chancellor and consists of four members from the faculty, five students selected by the Student Council, one student selected by the Council of Graduate Students and one non-voting administrative member.  Faculty members may serve a two year term.

4.0 Benefits of Official Recognition 

•         Use of University facilities, including computing resources. 
•         Petition the Student Council for financial support. 
•         Post promotional materials on campus. 
•         Have representation on the Student Council.

5.0 Changes in Organization Constitution/Bylaws-Reporting 

Any change in the constitution or bylaws of a recognized student organization must be submitted to the staff of the Department of Student Life.  It is the staff's responsibility to determine if the proposed amendments essentially change the objectives of the organization.  If the amendments constitute major changes, they must be referred to the Student Organization Recognition Committee and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or designee.  The amended constitution and bylaws will replace the previous copy in the file.

6.0 Inactive Organizations  

Organizations currently recognized and subsequently becoming inactive will lose their status as a recognized student organization.  Organizations that do not maintain recognition for two consecutive semesters will be considered inactive.  

7.0 Re-applying for Recognition 

Organizations having lost their recognition due to inactivity or failing to satisfy the requirements of Missouri S&T, may re-apply after one full academic year for recognition in the same manner as any new organization seeking recognition does.

8.0 Officer Responsibility, Membership Reports, Compliance 

All recognized student organizations must file a Recognition Compliance Statement and update their officer and membership lists at orgsync.mst.edu within the first three weeks of the fall & spring semesters.  The officer and membership list must also be updated each semester to reflect new officers elected during the academic year and new members. 

Officers of student organizations are fully responsible for conducting meetings and social activities in accordance with existing institutional, city and state regulations which govern such activities.  University regulations pertaining to student conduct are contained in the Missouri S&T Student Handbook (see Conduct Procedures for Student Organizations, CRR 200.020).  The officers also are responsible for the group's compliance with the regulations stated in this section.

9.0 Scholastic Requirements  

If a student is on scholastic probation, they are not required to resign from organizations in which they are already a member, but they may not hold an office nor join any other organization while on probation Individuals may request an appeal to hold one of their officer positions.  For more detailed information, contact the Department of Student Life. 

10.0 Student Disciplinary Probation 

If a student is on student disciplinary probation, they are not required to resign from organizations in which they are already a member (unless required as a condition of the probation), but they may not join a new organization, hold an office nor represent the university while on probation. For more detailed information, contact the Department of Student Life.

11.0 Activities  

All activities sponsored by student organizations that occur on University property must be approved by the Department of Student Life staff.  Activity permits for holding activities on university property and reserving University facilities are available on-line via orgsync.mst.edu uner the events tab for each organization.

12.0 Alcohol Policy for Student Organizations 

Alcoholic beverages: Recognized student organizations shall comply with all state and federal laws and local ordinances regulating the sale, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is a violation of Missouri law for any person under the age of 21 to purchase, attempt to purchase, or have in their possession any alcoholic beverages. It is also a violation of Missouri law to sell alcoholic beverages without the appropriate licenses. It is a violation of University regulations to use, sell, purchase, or serve alcoholic beverages on University property unless specifically approved by the Chancellor or designee. 

The possession, use, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages by University-recognized student organizations and at campus events, must conform to policies established by the Board of Curators, Missouri S&T, local ordinances, and state law. (This includes clubs, organizations, and campus events that include but are not limited to, professional societies, academic honoraries, athletic teams, service, departmental, and social organizations, and booster club and alumni events.) 

Consumption and purchase of alcoholic beverages by minors (people under the age of 21) and selling or giving alcoholic beverages to minors is prohibited by law. 

Alcohol shall not be a part of new membership recruitment programs. 

A risk management seminar (e.g. discussion of alcohol policy, alcohol education, low-risk partying, confrontation and intervention skills, referral resources, and liability issues) will be provided by the University. Representatives of recognized student organizations that have events which include alcoholic beverages will attend these semi-annually. Faculty advisors will be encouraged to attend. Other recognized student organizations and their advisors must sign a form stating they are exempt from this requirement and return it to the Department of Student Life at the beginning of each semester. 

Alcoholic beverages may not be provided as awards. 

13.0 Co-Sponsorships 

The following guidelines will be used when student organizations request permission to co-sponsor activities with non-university groups or put up promotional materials reflecting co-sponsorship. Restrictions apply to all businesses, including those that distribute/sell alcohol. 

  • All co-sponsored activities must be the same type of activity normally sponsored by the student organization and not in conflict with the mission of the University.
  • Promotional materials should reflect the names of all the co-sponsors.  Student organizations have the option of listing all or none of the co-sponsors.
  • The corporate name, not the product name, must be used.
  • All other co-sponsors must be notified if the event is co-sponsored by an alcohol distributor and/or producer.
  • Student Life staff approval is needed if large visual displays (suspended balloons, etc.) are to be used on Missouri S&T property.
  • Posters reflecting co-sponsorship may not be placed on departmental bulletin boards.  This would be considered advertising on campus.  However, such posters may be placed in mailboxes of fraternities, sororities, residence halls, and those places where student participants reside.  They may also be posted on one Havener Center bulletin boards, which is monitored by the staff in the Department of Student Life, and in the library.
  • Corporations MAY NOT use student groups solely for advertising purposes.
  • Posters produced and/or supplied by the co-sponsor may not be posted on campus when the product is the most prominent feature of the poster.

14.0 Posting Policy for Student Organizations 

The Department of Student Life is responsible for approving all recognized student organization promotional materials.  


  • In order to post materials on campus, student organizations must be recognized by the University. Special consideration may be given to organizations seeking recognition.
  • Any posting not specifically addressed within the posting policy is considered a special promotional event (as outlined within the policy).
  • No materials shall be pasted, nailed, taped, stapled, or otherwise attached to any part of the interior or exterior (including windows & doors) of university buildings, light posts, telephone poles, or trash receptacles.
  • Materials cannot promote the consumption of alcohol.
  • Sponsoring organizations must be identified on all materials.

Failure to comply with these regulations will be subject to appropriate action from the Department of Student Life.

15.0 Student Activity Fees/Organization Budgets 

Approval of student activity fee budgets resides with the Missouri S&T Chancellor.  Any student organization which receives financial support from student activity fees is required to prepare a budget of its account each school year.  Budget recommendations will be made by the Student Activity Fee Board to the Student Council for approval and recommendation to the campus administration.  Student accounts are subject to audit. 

The Student Activity Fee Board serves as guardian for both the student body and the funded organizations. This entirely student run board provides financial guidance and assistance to the organizations over which it has influence, and ensures student funds are used for their intended purpose. The Student Activity Fee Board provides recommendations and information to the Student Council membership free of favoritism or discrimination. The Department of Student Life monitors financial activities and provides training and advising to the recognized student organizations and the Student Activity Fee Board. 

Types of Student Organization Funding:  

*The following student organization and campus departments receive student activity fee monies as approved by the Missouri S&T Chancellor or his/her designee with recommendations from the Student Council and Student Activity Fee Board: 

  • Associated Students of the University of Missouri
  • Athletics
  • Club Appropriations Fund
  • Council of Graduate Students
  • Equipment and Contingency Fund
  • KMNR 89.7 FM
  • Missouri Miner
  • Non-Varsity Sports Fund
  • Professional Projects Fund
  • RollaMo Yearbook
  • St. Pat’s Celebration Committee
  • Student Council
  • Student Union Board
  • Havener Center
  • Recreation Center Debt Fee
  • Havener Center Debt Fee

16.0 University Property 

Equipment purchased with student activity fee appropriations is University property and must remain on or stored in University facilities.  Removal must be approved by Student Council or the Department of Student Life. 

Students who willfully or carelessly damage the property of the University will be required to pay for its replacement or repair.  They may also be subject to disciplinary action.

17.0 Hazing 

Hazing is forbidden by University regulations and laws of the State of Missouri. Hazing is defined by Missouri law as any willful act, occurring on or off the campus of an educational institution, directed against a student or a prospective member of an organization operating under the sanction of an educational institution, that recklessly endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student or prospective member for the purpose of initiation or admission into or continued membership in any such organization to the extent that such person is knowingly placed at probable risk of the loss of life or probable bodily or psychological harm.  Acts of hazing may include but are not limited to: 

  • physical brutality
  • paddling
  • whipping
  • beating
  • branding
  • exposure to the elements
  • forced consumption of any food, alcoholic beverage, drug, or other substance
  • forced smoking or chewing of tobacco products
  • sleep deprivation
  • physical confinement
  • extreme stress or fatigue-inducing activity
  • required performance of duties or tasks which involve a violation of the criminal laws of this state or any political subdivision in this state

Under the above circumstances, the University may also view the following activities as hazing: 

  • forced scavenger hunts
  • one-way road trips
  • force to wear any apparel that causes embarrassment at any time
  • required engagement in public stunts or buffoonery
  • morally degrading games or humiliating activities
  • any other activity which is not consistent with the regulations and policies of the University of Missouri and the laws of the State of Missouri

For more information, please contact the Department of Student Life, 218 Havener Center, 341-6771.

18.0 Rules of Procedures in Student Organization Conduct Matters 

Executive Order 41 was reissued by the UM System, extending the application of behavioral standards defined in CR&R 200.010 and procedures under CR&R 200.020 to recognized student organizations.

19.0 Standard of Conduct for Student Organizations  

Missouri S&T is committed to providing an atmosphere in which students and recognized student organizations can further their development and creativity to make a difference in the world. One aspect of this development entails being educated about the policies and procedures established to protect the specialized learning environment that is conducive to learning, integrity, development and responsible citizenship. 

Executive Order 41 was reissued by the UM System, extending the application of behavioral standards defined in CR&R 200.010 and procedures under CR&R 200.020 to recognized student organizations. This action was taken to meet the needs of all four campuses and bring greater consistency within and across the UM System processes. As a student organization member and a Miner for Life, we encourage you to  review your organization’s existing policies, procedures and risk management plans for alignment with these procedures. 


Approved by:  
Chancellor John F. Carney III, Missouri University of Science & Technology 
President Gary Forsee, University of Missouri 
Reviewed by University of Missouri General Counsel