Student Organization Recognition

Official recognition for a student organization is granted based on authorization from the Student Affairs Committee and the Academic Council.   A student organization in existence or being proposed must satisfy the following conditions for recognition:

  • It must contribute to the welfare or betterment of its members and the institution.
  • It should have objectives that complement the mission of the University.
  • It must be devoid of activities that conflict with the primary purposes of the University.
  • It must not be a source of disruption or embarrassment to the University or the community. 

To organize a new student organization

  • Initiate recognition procedures with the staff in the Department of Student Life.   Discussion will include questions on purpose of the organization, format of the constitution, required forms, membership requirements, and use of campus facilities prior to obtaining official recognition.
  • Prepare a constitution in the recommended format (an outline is available).   The staff in the Department of Student Life will make a preliminary check of the constitution to see that it does not contain statements of conflict with University regulations.
  • Secure the written consent of a faculty or staff member of the University to serve as an advisor to the organization.
  • Have approximately ten interested members.
  • Elect officers and ratify constitution ..
  • Submit an electronic copy of the constitution to the Department of Student Life along with required forms for officers and membership.   The constitution will be forwarded to the Student Affairs Committee who will review the constitution and either accept it or recommend changes.   The Student Affairs Committee will then forward the document to the Academic Council to recommend approval or rejection.
  • Official recognition is granted after approval from the Academic Council.

Withdrawal of Recognition

  The Academic Council may withdraw its authorization from any society, association or organization if, in its judgment, the well-being of Missouri S&T requires such action.