Co-curricular Transcripts

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Program Description

What is it?

C.A.S.E. is a way to keep record of your involvement at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, and to enhance your professional growth and development. C.A.S.E is coordinated by the Department of Student Involvement.

What's the purpose?

  1. Help you gain valuable personal and professional skills in the areas of planning and organization, oral and written communication, decision making, financial management, problem solving, ethics and tolerance and personal and professional balance.
  2. Provide a process for you to analyze and evaluate the skills and abilities you have gained through your involvement, both on and off-campus, while at Missouri S&T.
  3. Supply you with an official document which represents co-curricular involvement and leadership experiences while at Missouri S&T.
  4. Provide you with copies of co-curricular information which will help you in preparation of resumes and for job interviews.
  5. Assist you in understanding the benefits associated with involvement outside of the classroom.

Benefits include: recognizing the skills gained through involvement, preparing resumes and for job interviews, targeting skill areas to develop in order to achieve career goals and enhance future growth and development. You have a chance to document your growth and development while at Missouri S&T. When you can demonstrate a variety of skills and experiences, you will be highly sought after as you move into your professional career.

Use the link at the bottom of the page to view a sample co-curricular transcript.

What can I put on a transcript?

Co-curricular activities are a combination of college-related activities beyond the classroom and the benefits associated with those experiences. Co-curricular activities include, but are not limited to: employment, involvement in student organizations, attendance at campus activities, participation in service learning and volunteerism, involvement in campus-related research or projects, and interaction with university faculty, staff and administrators. These experiences assist you in gaining career-related experience, making a difference in campus and community, gaining new and valuable friendships and developing leadership, management, and communication skills.

How do I get a transcript?

All students are eligible to receive a copy of their co-curricular transcript free of charge. All of your involvement in student organizations has been automatically included in your co-curricular transcript if your organization has submitted the information. All you need to do is add any prior involvement, any activity that was co-curricular other than membership in a student organization and enter what you learned from your involvement onto your co-curricular transcript. A print request can also be logged from this site. The transcript will then be available to be reviewed and picked-up in the Student Involvement office. Staff members will be willing to assist you in completing the activity record if you need help.