Table of Contents



•        Letter from Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

•        Letter from the Office of Student Activities and University Center


Section I     - The Basics

•        How Advisors are Selected and How Long They Serve

•        Sample of the Faculty Advisor Consent Form

•        Sample of the Faculty Advisor Resignation Form

•        The Roles of the Advisor

•        Rights and Responsibilities


Section II    - Student Organization Basics

•        How to Become a Recognized Student Organization (RSO)

•        Outline of a Constitution

•        Regulations Pertaining to RSO’s

•        Sample University Compliance Form

•        How RSO’s Update Their Officer and Membership Lists


Section III   - Organization Officer Requirements

•        University Requirements to be a RSO Officer

•        What Happens When an Officer Fails to Meet the Requirements

•        Sample of the Memo Sent for Academic Probation

•        Sample of the Appeal Form the Student can Obtain

•        Sample of  the Follow-up Memo Sent for Academic Probation

•        Advisor’s Role in this Process


Section IV   - Rules and Regulation for Recognized Student Organizations

•        University Posting Policy

•        Student Conduct

•        Hazing

•        Alcohol

•        Risk Management Requirements

•        Sample Risk Management Form

•        Sample of Permit Used When Alcohol is to be Used on Campus

•        Risk Reduction Ideas

•        Student Organization Judicial Procedures


Section V    - Benefits of Being a Recognized Student Organizations

•        Insurance

•        Campus Police Services

•        University Facilities

•        Sample Reservation Form

•        Audio Visual Equipment


Section VI   - Recognized Student Organizations Funding Issues

•        Student Council Appropriations

•        Sample Appropriations Packet

•        Funds Available for the Use of Leach Theatre

•        Sample Leach Fund Request Form

•        University Accounts

•        Sample New Account Request Card

•        Student Organization Accounts (Local Banks)

•        Tax Status

•        Form S44

•        Tax Exempt


Section VII- Organizations on Campus


Appendix    - Copies of University Forms and Documents

•        Student Handbook/Planner

•        University Compliance Form

•        Risk Management Form

•        Permit Used When Alcohol is to be used on Campus

•        Activity Permit

•        Leach Fund Request Form

•        New Account Request Card


For more information, please contact the Office of Student Life & Havener Center at (573)341-4286 or e-mail mailto:stuact@mst.edu.