Greek Social Guidelines


(Last Revision March 17, 2010)

Member chapters of the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and the Panhellenic Council are expected to follow the intended principles of this policy as well as the letter of the law. Those who violate the principles outlined in this policy shall be subject to fines and sanctions by the Missouri University of Science and Technology Greek Judicial Board.

This policy shall in no way interfere with or supersede the national policies of any participating organizations, the regulations of the Missouri University of Science and Technology , or state and local laws.

This policy shall unilaterally supersede any previous local policies of Missouri University of Science and Technology IFC, Missouri University of Science and Technology Panhellenic, or the Missouri University of Science and Technology Greek System.

ARTICLE I Definitions

1. Open Parties - Parties where no specific invitation is required to attend, alcohol is present, along with at least 50 guests not holding membership in the house’s chapter.

2. Greek Parties - Parties limited to Missouri University of Science & Technology Greek members, Greek alumni, and their guests. All persons attending a Greek Party should present a valid Missouri S&T Student ID or driver’s license.

3. Closed Parties - Parties involving one (1) chapter and their guests.

Responsibilities if IFC & Panhellenic to Missouri University of Science & and Greek Organizations

Section A. IFC/Panhellenic will provide a Greek Roster to the chapter houses at the beginning of each semester.

Section B. IFC/Panhellenic will provide water cups at all IFC/Panhellenic sponsored events where alcohol is served.

Section C. IFC/Panhellenic representatives will check off and get a copy of the duty roster of any chapter holding an event where alcohol is present and submit it
to the Greek Life office no later than the Tuesday following the event.

Section D. IFC/Panhellenic will provide two junior or senior representatives to conduct a walk-through twice during the party to assist the chapter in following
protocol. Any violations will be relayed directly to the chapter by the IFC/Panhellenic representative in an effort to correct the incident informally.

Responsibilities of Chapters

Section A. Open parties are strictly prohibited.

Section B. For organizations who host events with alcohol present:

1.    All party attendees must either be a Greek member of Missouri S&T or one of two guests of a Greek member of Missouri S&T with valid identification, presented upon arrival. Valid identification includes a state licensed photo ID or a Missouri S&T student ID. All guests of Greek members must be signed in under the responsibility of that Missouri S&T Greek member. Only attendees who are 21 or older as noted on his/her valid identification will be allowed to carry in alcohol. All attendees 21 years or older must be distinguished from attendees under 21 years of age.

2.    An adequate number of easily identifiable sober drivers must be supplied by the host organization. There is an absolute minimum of two (2) drivers, however, chapters are responsible for providing more drivers as deemed necessary by the chapter.

3.    Guests must be over the age of 18 or a student at Missouri S&T, as indicated on the valid form of identification.

4.    The host organization must designate an adequate number of members to remain sober. There is an absolute minimum of two (2), but chapters are responsible for providing more as deemed necessary. These sober members must be other than those serving as sober drivers. At least one of these sober members who are not serving as sober drivers must be on the chapters' officer corps/executive council.

5.    The host organization must have at least two members serving as door monitors to ensure that all guests present valid identification, entering the party are on the guest list, that those carrying in alcohol are at least 21, that no glass containers are present, and that guests leaving the event are not carrying open containers.

6.    The chapter will not provide or allow the use of open containers at a Greek party. This includes, kegs, “teas”, “juice”, “punch”, etc.

7.    Prior to the event the chapter must produce a duty roster listing the names of the required personnel as laid out in parts 2, 4, and 5 of this Section. One copy of this roster must be signed by an IFC representative and either the chapter president of risk management officer. This roster will be kept by the IFC representative and submitted to the IFC office no later than the Tuesday following the event.

8.    It is highly recommended, but not required, that non-chapter security (e.g. off duty police officers) check IDs and stand at the entrance for the duration of the event.

Section E. All new members, chapter risk management chairs, and IFC/Panhellenic Vice Presidents of Risk Management are required to attend at least one Greek risk management seminar every fall semester. 

Section F. All events conducted during any official Missouri University of Science & Technology event involving prospective students shall be non-alcoholic and substance free.

Section G. Any advertisement published by an organization regarding an event should make no alcoholic references or slander towards any individual or organization. All flyers and advertisements must be kept within Greek houses at all times. No social networking websites may advertise an official Greek party.

Eenforcement Procedures

Section A. Violations of these guidelines and policies will be subject to the procedures outlined in the Missouri University of Science and Technology Greek Judicial Board Code.

Responsibilities of the University

Section A. Report all violations of this code to one of the Greek Judicial Board Chairman.

Section B. Provide a risk management seminar each semester for chapter members to attend.

Section C. Provide crisis management procedures for use by chapters each semester.


Section A. This code will be reviewed and updated annually by IFC and Panhellenic. Any part of this document may be modified by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of IFC/Panhellenic.

Section B. This document must be adopted by a three-fourths (3/4) majority vote of IFC/Panhellenic.


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