Housing Process Information

As an incoming student to Missouri S&T, incoming freshmen students are able to reside in a fraternity or sorority chapter house their first day on campus, as living in these residences fulfills their university approved housing requirement! Many of our fraternities and sororities provide university approved housing, while others do not. If the student joins a fraternity or sorority with housing, and they are invited to move in the student can then begin the move-in process. This usually involves contacting Residential Life and canceling the student's housing agreement (there may be a fee associated with this cancellation).

Fraternity Housing Options

Alpha Epsilon Pi

Locally Founded: May 8, 1966
No House
Alpha Epsilon Pi Grade Chart
Alpha Epsilon Pi Awards (coming soon)
Alpha Epsilon Pi Cost and Amenities (coming soon)

Beta Sigma Psi

Locally Founded: April 5, 1952
House Address: 2 Fraternity Dr
Beta Sigma Psi Grade Chart
Beta Sigma Psi Awards
Beta Sigma Psi Costs and Amenities

Delta Sigma Phi

Locally Founded: March 10, 1957
House Address: 215 W 8th St
Delta Sigma Phi Grade Chart
Delta Sigma Phi Awards
Delta Sigma Phi Costs and Amenities

Delta Tau Delta

Locally Founded: December 10, 1966
House Address: 2631 Vienna Rd
Delta Tau Delta Grade Chart
Delta Tau Delta Awards
Delta Tau Delta Cost and Amenities

Kappa Alpha Order

Locally Founded: April 27, 1903
House Address: 1 Fraternity Dr. 
Kappa Alpha Order Grade Chart
Kappa Alpha Order Awards

Kappa Alpha Order Costs and Amenities

Kappa Alpha Psi

Locally Founded: February 23, 1980
No House
Kappa Alpha Psi Grade Chart
Kappa Alpha Psi Awards (coming soon)
Kappa Alpha Psi Costs and Amenities (coming soon)

Kappa Sigma

Locally Founded: December 19, 1903
House Address: 1701 White Columns Dr
Kappa Sigma Grade Chart
Kappa Sigma Awards
Kappa Sigma Costs and Amenities

Lambda Chi Alpha

Locally Founded: April 13, 1917
House Address: 1705 N Pine St
Lambda Chi Alpha Grade Chart
Lambda Chi Alpha Awards (coming soon)
Lambda Chi Alpha Costs and Amenities

Phi Beta Sigma

Locally Founded: February 5, 2014
No House
Phi Beta Sigma Grade Chart
Phi Beta Sigma Awards (coming soon)
Phi Beta Sigma Costs and Amenities (coming soon)

Phi Kappa Theta

Locally Founded: November 29, 1936
House Address: 707 N State St
Phi Kappa Theta Grade Chart
Phi Kappa Theta Awards
Phi Kappa Theta Costs and Amenities

Pi Kappa Alpha

Locally Founded: November 28, 1905
House Address: 613 W 9th St
Pi Kappa Alpha Grade Chart
Pi Kappa Alpha Awards
Pi Kappa Alpha Costs and Amenities

Pi Kappa Phi

Locally Founded: November 23, 1968
House Address: 1704 N Pine St
Pi Kappa Phi Grade Chart
Pi Kappa Phi Awards (coming soon)
Pi Kappa Phi Costs and Amenities (coming soon)

Sigma Chi

Sig Chi group photo

Locally Founded: August 27, 1983
House Address: 1310 N Pine St
Sigma Chi Grade Chart
Sigma Chi Awards
Sigma Chi Costs and Amenities

Sigma Nu

Locally Founded: January 23, 1903
House Address: 205 E 12th St
Sigma Nu Grade Chart
Sigma Nu Awards (coming soon)
Sigma Nu Costs and Amenities

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Locally Founded: May 10, 1947
House Address: 801 Park St
Sigma Phi Epsilon Grade Chart
Sigma Phi Epsilon Awards
Sigma Phi Epsilon Costs and Amenities

Sigma Pi

Locally Founded: April 29, 1933
House Address: 206 E 12th St
Sigma Pi Grade Chart
Sigma Pi Awards
Sigma Pi Costs and Amenities

Sigma Tau Gamma

Locally Founded: November 20, 1956
House Address: 5 Fraternity Dr
Sigma Tau Gamma Grade Chart
Sigma Tau Gamma Awards (coming soon)
Sigma Tau Gamma Costs and Amenities (coming soon)

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Tau Kappa Epsilon House
Locally Founded: March 8, 1947
House Address: 3 Fraternity Dr
Tau Kappa Epsilon Grade Chart
Tau Kappa Epsilon Awards
Tau Kappa Epsilon Yearly Costs

Theta Xi

Locally Founded: October 8, 1949
House Address: 1605 N Pine St
Theta Xi Grade Chart
Theta Xi Awards
Theta Xi Costs and Amenities


Locally Founded: December 10, 1927
House Address: 807 N State St
Triangle Grade Chart
Triangle Awards (coming soon)
Triangle Costs and Amenities (coming soon)

Sorority Housing Options

Chi Omega

Locally Founded: April 29, 1979
House Address: 1607 N Pine St
Chi Omega Grade Chart
Chi Omega Awards
Chi Omega Yearly Costs

Kappa Delta

Locally Founded: October 28, 1972
House Address: 1800 N Pine St
Kappa Delta Grade Chart
Kappa Delta Awards
Kappa Delta Yearly Costs


Phi Sigma Rho

Locally Founded: September 11, 1994
No House
Phi Sigma Rho Grade Chart
Phi Sigma Rho Awards
Phi Sigma Rho Costs

Zeta Tau Alpha


Locally Founded: May 5, 1973
House Address: 204 E 12th St
Zeta Tau Alpha Grade Chart
Zeta Tau Alpha Awards
Zeta Tau Alpha Yearly Costs